Linguistics and Physical Therapy: A Team Approach to Improving Communication and Rehabilitation Outcomes


  • Nasir Razzaq M. Phil. English Linguistics, Interdisciplinary Researcher, Poet, Writer, & Philosopher
  • Eesha Farzeen Khan BS DPT Scholar, MIRS a constituent institute of Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University


Linguistics and Physical Therapy, Multidisciplinary Approach, Rehabilitation, Interplay between Linguistics and Physical Therapy


The present study investigates the potential benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration between linguistics and physical therapy for enhancing communication and improving patient outcomes in rehabilitation settings. This innovative approach, stemming from a collaboration between a linguistics scholar and a Doctor of Physical Therapy scholar, integrates linguistic theory and analysis with evidence-based physical therapy practices. A mixed-methods research design was employed, encompassing a systematic literature review, cross-sectional survey of physical therapists, and a case study involving an interdisciplinary intervention. The findings reveal that incorporating linguistic principles and strategies significantly improves communication in physical therapy, addressing common challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences, and health literacy. The interdisciplinary collaboration resulted in innovative communication techniques that boosted patient motivation, engagement, and adherence to rehabilitation programs. This research highlights the importance of linguistic awareness and communication skills training for physical therapists and advocates for further exploration of interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare and rehabilitation settings.




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