Exploring Assessment Techniques and Their Role in Developing Creative Thinking


  • Dr. Khadija Sittar Assistant Professor, Lahore Leads University
  • Dr. Gulshan Fatima Alvi Assistant Professor, Lahore Leads University
  • Dr. Mahwish Safder Assistant Professor, Lahore Leads University
  • Faiza Hafeez Researcher


Assessment Techniques, Creative Thinking, Adaptability, inventive environment


This study explores the crucial part assessments play in encouraging people to improve their critical and creative thinking abilities. A critical skill for managing the complicated and fast changing world of today is the ability to think creatively. Assessment of these talents becomes crucial in guiding successful educational practices as educators and researchers work to improve creative thinking abilities. The study employed a survey approach and was quantitative in character. Students from district Lahore universities made up the study's population. 150 students from district Lahore's public and private institutions made up the study's sample. Data gathering
involved the use of a questionnaire. Questionnaire was consisted on two parts first part was consisted on demographic information and second part was consisted on assessment techniques. Inferential statistics was used for data collection. In the first lines of the essay, it is established how important creative thinking is in a variety of social, intellectual, and professional contexts. It emphasizes how several aspects of creative thinking exist, such as ideation, problem-solving, originality, and adaptability. The challenges of evaluating such a complex skill set are explored, highlighting the limitations of traditional assessment methods that usually give convergent reasoning a prominent priority. As the need for creative thinking keeps increasing, integrating sound assessment practices is essential to developing and refining this vital human ability.




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Dr. Khadija Sittar, Dr. Gulshan Fatima Alvi, Dr. Mahwish Safder, & Faiza Hafeez. (2023). Exploring Assessment Techniques and Their Role in Developing Creative Thinking. Pakistan Journal of Society, Education and Language (PJSEL), 9(2), 577–584. Retrieved from https://pjsel.jehanf.com/index.php/journal/article/view/1225