Alternative Strategies to Corporal Punishment: Teacher’s Practices at Secondary School Level


  • Dilawez Ahmed MS in Mathematics from University of Education Lahore, Attock Campus and B. Ed Secondary from "Virtual University of Pakistan
  • Dr. Sehar Rashid Instructor Department of Education, Virtual University of Pakistan.


Corporal punishment, alternative strategies, positive reinforcement, motivation, non-physical disciplinary measures


The study aimed to determine the use of alternative strategies to corporal punishment by the government secondary school teachers. Physical punishment has been banned in schools on a provincial level and efforts were made to ensure its implementation. The need of this study was noteworthy to explore the alternative strategies adopted by the teachers at secondary school level in replacement of corporal punishment. The quantitative approach was used to adopt descriptive research design. A questionnaire was utilized to gather data in this descriptive survey design research. A sample of 209 government teachers provided the data using online mode of collection. The results of this study revealed that every teacher who participated in this survey supported the use of alternative strategies. The majority of the teachers are using positive reinforcement, motivation, guidance and counselling, non-physical disciplinary measures, and classroom rules setting as alternative strategies to corporal punishment. However, the extent of use slightly varied among male and female teachers. However, it is suggested to enrich secondary school teachers with alternative strategies to corporal punishment through varied training programs.




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