Quest for Survival: A ‘New Racism’ Perspective of Studying Immigrant Experience in Adams’s Harbor


  • Mahnoor Sher MPhil Scholar, at the Department of English and Applied Linguistics, University of Peshawar & Lecturer in English, Fazaia College of Education for Women, Peshawar.
  • Dr. Humaira Riaz Assistant Professor/Head of the Department of English, City University of Sciences & Information Technology, Peshawar.


New Racism; immigrants; stereotypes; extremists; racialization


The present study investigates Lorraine Adams’s Harbor (2004) with special reference to Martin Barker’s ‘new racism’ theory. It outlines the instances of covert cultural racialization of selected Muslim immigrant characters portrayed in American fiction, Harbor in different aspects of their lives in political context of America. The study highlights the possible factors of racist attitude of American characters towards Muslim immigrants in their country. The aim is to unveil the hypocritical policies and foreign relations of America towards different Muslim nations and people from those nations migrating to American lands. It explores the instances of cultural clashes in the novel, between Americans (natives) and Muslims (immigrants)–two different cultures living in one society. The study unravels the ways in which these immigrant characters become the victims of mainstream American belief that Muslim immigrants are extremists and they consider a different culture intermingling into American culture a threat. The study endeavours to achieve its objectives through qualitative methodology which involves concentrated and thorough analysis of selected text, its characters, dialogues, events, and their lives effected by racialization they confront on daily basis. Implementing Barker’s concept of new racism on Muslim immigrants in America, the present work retains its social significance by voicing out the horrors they face and the fears they live in a foreign land which is unwilling to accept them. The work is relevant to the contemporary immigrant crisis in western world and can be worked upon in the future from perspective of exploring new racism through comparative studies.




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Mahnoor Sher, & Dr. Humaira Riaz. (2023). Quest for Survival: A ‘New Racism’ Perspective of Studying Immigrant Experience in Adams’s Harbor. Pakistan Journal of Society, Education and Language (PJSEL), 10(1), 410–422. Retrieved from