City Skyline, Transport Scape, Urban Design Strategies, Urban Landscape, Urban Sprawls


Growing sprawls generally covered hilly topographical landscapes with concrete residential and township masses, the catastrophe and anomaly that applies to the correct distribution of land usage within communities with natural landforms for the developed regions. The public's dogmatic mannerism of not reacting sensibly to this relevant topic frequently inflames the ongoing proliferation of mushrooms and uncontainable sprawl inside urban settings. This not only causes the severe infringement of the right of way assigned to sewers and natural drains, but also encourages the citizens to be the landgrabbers of public property. This problem escalates massively to the point of blocking the drains with rainwater and makes it possible for water to reach public properties, homes, as well as main transit roads along with secondary and tertiary routes. Apart from the megacities of Pakistan smaller cities and towns are also significantly affected by these issues. Its magnitude is obvious considering swift, unchecked cycles of mushroom development by preordained urbanization. That, in effect, expresses the consequences by catastrophically rising motorization and problemstricken automobile transports through cities and small towns. This paper discusses urban sprawl and amalgamation of the city of Abbottabad and suggests that these can be controlled by redefining the
transport planning strategies with new suggested approaches synergizing multidimensional attributes towards cityscape.The focus of this article is the possible solutions that could be proposed for the predominant problem of upsetting vehicle flow through Abbottabad. This study suggests that for cities
having inherited organic character, like Abbottabad, a context-sensitive transport substructure system should be devised.The solutions were achieved through retrospective/prospective typology of research design.The literature review catered the understanding of urban design, Urban sprawl and urban growth, Urban Transportation system, building skyline and city elevation, Urban scape systems for organically significant cities and Inter-relationship of attributes within perspective of urban scape system, that was elaborated with the help of international case studies having relevant research scope and perimeters. Observation Performa was also used as the major research tool for the collection of primary and secondary data.




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