Traditional Mechanism, Conflict Resoultion, Legal entities, Jirga, Pakhtun


The study was carried out with triangulation of methods at Tribal District Kurram and District Hangu of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. A sample size of 500 respondents was selected through purposive sampling techniques consisting of Maliks and religious clerics. A three level Likert Scale based questioner was developed for collection quantitative data and the same was presented at bi-variate level of analysis via using Chi-Square test application. Study respondents were asked qualitatively about un-cleared quantitative responses and their responses were recorded in black and white and presented in support of the positivistic data. The study concluded that local people considered Pakhtunwali is essential for dispute resolution. Jirga is a consensus institution of dispute settlement in the area and its ensures equal representation from the followers of both sects. Jirga decision is widely respected and acknowledged by the conflicting parties and non-observance of Jirga decision either leads towards burning and demolishing of the offender house or the violators is forcibly migrated from the area. Jirga composition gets altered due to the last wave of Talibanization and they thwarted the Jirga dynamics in the area. Due to eruption of sectarian clashes, well-reputed elders of the area migrated to other parts of the country and resultantly their vacuum was filled by the younger. They are
either less equipped with traditional knowledge or decided matters of conflict in unjustified manner. Jirga is being organized both privately and publicly and the role administrative bodies is influential in moulding Jirga decisions. Frequent participation of both sect followers in one another daily life is
indicative of social cohesion. The concept of Chagha, Shalgoona, and Salwehtoona, Tiga and Badraga are still in existence in the area without membership from the opponent sect followers.The code of Pakhtunwali should be safeguarded through strengthening Jirga institution and the concept of Khalaat should be strictly banned were presented some of the recommendations in light of study findings.



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