Acculturation, Identity crisis, Refugees, Culture studies, Language, Sense of self.


The aspiration of this research is to prove the hypothesis that people should maintain their true selves regardless of the limitation of boundaries and land. People who migrate during war usually become victims of identity crises. This research aspires people to help the refugees and admire their struggles
to prevent them from the loss of their identity and inherited culture. This research is qualitative research that describes the poems of Mahmoud Darwish from his collection A River Dies of Thirst under the influence of cultural studies. This research is based on the theory of Gloria Anzaldua, presented in her essay “How to Tame a wild Tongue”, that people should maintain their cultural identity while migrating.They should not have to give up their sense of self and their culture and their language to be acceptable and successful in their new life. This research applies the descriptive method of research to analyse the process of acculturation that which culture war effect and how the war affects someone's life. Through this research, the researcher can highlight the issues of refugees
in their migrating country. And this research will help people, refugees, to maintain their true identity and inherited culture in their new life.



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