Paper Submission guidelines

Please read this section carefully before submitting your research to PJSEL.These are the minimum that we expect from authors while submitting their papers for review

1. The manuscript should be type written and single spaced.
2. The length of the research paper should be between 5000-7000 words including title, abstract, main text, figures and tables excluding references.
3. Language style should be academic without colloquialisms, slang, regionalisms, etc. The formalities of academic expression should be maintained.
4. Consistency of American spelling is required.
5. Papers should be proofread and free from all grammatical and typographical errors.
6. The format for citations, endnotes, and references should conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, latest edition).
7. All submissions to PJSEL should be original, and well-scripted. The authors bear full responsibility for accuracy of references and originality.
8. The manuscripts should contain a separate cover page and should contain the biographic, academic and professional details of authors i.e. full name, qualification, current designation, institutional affiliation, areas of interest and email addresses.

9. A paper submitted to PJSEL would include:
a. Abstract (250 words)
b. Key Words
c. Introduction
d. Literature Review
e. Methods and Procedure
f. Data Collection
g. Data Analysis
h. Summary/Conclusion
i. References (in APA format)
j. Additional files (if applicable)