Effective source of information, Seasonal Diseases, District Buner, KP.


Communication mechanism is the way people are educated so it becomes more effective if it suits the audience. The present study addresses the issue in communication about awareness in summer seasonal diseases and to find out the most effective sources of information in summer seasonal diseases in District Buner. The study is quantitative in nature and data has been collected using a questionnaire from 500 respondents. Respondents were asked different questions regarding their demographic status, knowledge about seasonal diseases and the effective sources of information. The results disclosed that majority of the population of the area have a very limited monthly income and low literacy rate. The seasonal diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Skin and Asthma are very common in summer and winter. The study was also aimed to find the places where respondents can get appropriate awareness about seasonal diseases, use of precautionary measures, and importance of the government in seasonal diseases and to measure the behavioural change in respondents after the campaigns. It has been found that social media and friends & relatives were effective sources of information for summer in district Buner. The study concludes that government should focus on outdoor, social media and peers for the awareness and information for the people instead of mainstream media to create awareness among the masses and to cope with seasonal diseases as the results of cross tabulations and correlations tested revealed. Since the universe of the study was district Buner, therefore it is also a recommendation for the policy makers and researchers to conduct such studies in other parts of the province and country as well.



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