• Jehan Ul Mulk University of Peshawar
  • Basit Ali University of Swat
  • Atta Ullah Agriculture University Peshawar


This study was conducted in Chakdara, District Dir Lower, which is one of the major cities of District Dir Lower and where there is a huge camp for Afghan refugees. The objectives of this study are to find out the impacts of Afghan refugees on the security situation of Chakdara. Apart from the local population of Chakdara, which is 29,712, some 11,184 refugees live in camp while some of the refugees live out of camp in Chakdara and surrounding areas. In order to know whether these refugees have any impact on the security situation of the area, a sample size of 379 respondents was selected through stratified random sampling from the local community. The sample size, 379, was taken according to Sekaran method. Data was collected through interview schedule and their views about the impacts of refugees on security were found. The study proved that the massive influx of Afghan refugees to Chakdara has not only created social, political, economic, environmental and ecological problems, but also caused an alarming threat to Pakistan’s internal security. Because of the presence of refugees, the law and order situation has become worst and the crime rate has increased enormously in Chakdara. It is clear from the study that the refugees are wholly solely responsible for promoting Kalashnikov culture, drug trafficking and various other crimes in Chakdara. The study shows that the Afghan refugees are the main source of anarchy and sectarian differences among the local people of the study area.



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