• Mairaj Ul Hamid University of Malakand
  • Abid Khan Qurtuba University, Peshawar
  • Rizwan Ullah Qurtaba University Peshawar


Pakistan and Afghanistan have been gifted with such a unique geographic location, which attracts every state towards itself. Either it is in strategic or economic perspective they are important for the region, especially and the World commonly. No two nations have got the commonalities as Pakistan and Afghanistan have. Not only their geography, religion, or blood is same but they have same history due to their ethnic, cultural, and political common attributes. Nevertheless, since the inception of Pakistan, in 1947, both of these states have experienced crests and troughs throughout their relations. The regional states have used Afghan soil against Pakistan, time and again. Yet, the decades’ long atrocities in Afghanistan have compelled Pakistan to live, move and fight together with its brother Afghanistan for the sake of its own security. This paper will look for the Pakistan’s Policies which it has opted for its relations with Afghanistan from its beginning, and will also try to cover the future prospects of their relations.



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